5 Killer Blog Post Ideas for Small Businesses

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I have written several blog post idea posts over the past year and these posts were all slanted towards bloggers.  I thought it would be useful to expand the focus and include blog post ideas specifically for small businesses.

Blog Post Ideas for Small Businesses

I hear from many small business owners that they just do not have the time to update their blogs and when they do have the time they do not know what to write.  I will address the first problem in subsequent posts but will help with the second problem right now.

Blog post ideas for businesses

  • Q and A– Chances are your visitors will likely have questions about your products or services.  Why not start a weekly series where you highlight a question and provide and answer.
  • Poll– This is an awesome way to get to know more about your target audience.  Ask your readers a question in a poll format and ask them to provide additional information in the comment section.  Not only will you have great content but you will also have valuable market research data.
  • Behind the Scenes-There are a ton of ideas you can run with here.  You can highlight your employees, interview the owner/ceo, show some photos of your office or some pics from you company picnic.  Again, not only will you get fresh content but you will be “personalizing” your business and making your company more “approachable.”
  • Track trends and News– It is a great technique to make your business blog a destination for news and trends that are related to your business.  For example, if you run an exterminating business, you should of been all over the news last week about the bed bugs in Abercrombie and Fitch stores in NYC (btw, this is a real news story).  What do you and your company think about that?  What are your experiences in dealing with bed bugs? etc..
  • Video Posts – Videos are an awesome way to keep your blog fresh and the ideas are unlimited.  Tape an interview with an employee.  Take your camera on the next extermination trip and capture the footage.  Going to a convention soon?  Go ahead and take your video camera along with you.

Let’s do some brainstorming here in the comments…What other ideas do you have that would be ideal for small business looking to keep their blogs fresh and interesting?

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