Blogging for beginners – How to go about it

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Lots of blogs are created every day, more and more people want to get online, they want to have their own voice. Many people don’t know where to get started and many people are confused. Many people know but are not sure and others just want to confirm they are on the right path. The truth is you might be missing it wrong even if you have started blogging before reading this post.

Below are some great tips on how beginners can create a better blog.

Blogging for beginners

  • Your Blogging Plan:

The truth is if you make a mistake here, it might cost you a lot. I had a blog which was not well planned out, I
wrote lots of guest posts, made lots of comments, did a lot of SEO and worked so much on building traffic to my blog, the result of this blog is that it is now abandoned. Why? I made this mistake.

Your blogging plan will lead to many other things about your blog;it will lead to your domain name, type of post, promotion, networking and the likes.
You should know the goal of your blog from start i.e. who will be your target audience, how you will get to them, their likes e.t.c. “If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail”.

So many people blog in niches in which they have made themselves an authority, they have traffic, following and voice but they find it difficult to make money because people in their niche would not just buy – they want free things.

  • Know Your Audience:

What makes a blogger happier than writing a post for a particular audience, just to see them respond, comment and
react positively to the post. I am sure you wouldn’t want to be building for the wrong set of people. Do you ever imagine telling adults how to go to school? Or telling babies how to get married? Sounds funny! But the truth is, without the right audience you will never go far. Your audience wants the right message, they are visiting your blog because they want their problem solved, and they wouldn’t just want to read what they can’t relate with.

  • Domain Name:

Choosing a good domain name is very critical to your online success. One of the major problems I had with my first blog I abandoned was with the domain name. I was using a domain name I couldn’t reckon with in the future and I eventually regretted it because I had to start again when my blog is achieving success and fame (Alexa rank 100,000, pagerank 4 and hundreds of daily readers). Choosing the right domain name will help you achieve a lot of great
things, it will determine how fast your website will grow, it will determine how readers react to your content, it will determine how visitors know what your blog is all about and it will also affect your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

A good suggestion is to include your keyword in your domain name and also make it as short as possible. You might also want to use your name but the former is better in form of SEO and branding.

  • Give Value:

I noticed most of the blogging problems on the net can be found with beginners. They don’t know what to write about so you see them copying content from different places on the web. Your blog is for you therefore you must be unique; you must have your own voice. Your audience wants to read YOU and not your content – Or better
stated, they want to read your opinion about the subject of your content so copying another blogger’s post will do you more harm than good.

  • Your Passion:

It is funny and at the same time sad that I will be ending this post with this point. The truth (especially in the make money online and blogging tipsniche) is that you can hardly build a blog and turn it to success in less than a year. Having passion will make you continue with your blog when everything does not seem to work well, it will also reflect in the type and quality of your post.
If you have passion about your blog, you will be able to go to any length to make sure your blog is a success.

There are a lot to learn when starting a new blog; you need to know the basics and you will discover the rest with time. The above are 5 great and solid tips for beginner bloggers; use it to unlock your success.

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