What is Co-Blogging? and 7 reasons why it might be a good idea

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Co-Blogging, also know as collaborative blogging, is a type of blog where there are more than one author that contributes content.  Typically these blogs are centered around a common theme like social media, blogging tips, or technology.  The set up around the blog can happen in many ways.  In most cases the blog is owned by one person and all contributors share in the profits.


There are a variety of co-blogging arrangements and it is safe to assume that each blog has a slightly different business model and arrangement for those that are involved in the project.  The concept of co-blogging is not new but it seems to gaining popularity in past 6 months or so.

Some examples of collaborative blogs are:


Blogger Luv

Blogging Tips

Famous Bloggers

Now that we know a little bit more about co-blogging, lets talk about the advantages of co-blogging:

10 Reasons why Co-Blogging might be a good idea

  1. Shared Responsibilities– This is the most obvious advantage and the most powerful one as well.  The writing and promoting will not fall solely on your shoulders
  2. Motivating – This is similar to having a workout partner.  If you have someone else involved, they will push you and motivate you to get the job down and also help push you to new heights.
  3. Added Depth– By adding different voices and experiences to your blog, you are adding depth and insight that goes beyond what only one contributor can achieve.
  4. Promotion – Extra muscle when it comes to promoting your posts and blogs is one of the most attractive aspects of co-blogging.  Let’s say you have 5 bloggers blogging on one blog, you therefore have 5x the twitter followers, 5x the facebook friends and you are already starting out with 5 votes on your favorite social bookmarking sights.
  5. New ideas– We have all experience blogger burnout and have experienced times when the blogging ideas are just not flowing.  How great would it be to have fellow bloggers to brain storm with or lean on during these times.
  6. Take a break – Similar to the above point, how great would it be to take a week of and go on vacation and know that your blog is being up dated with fresh content and being promoted in your absence..
  7. Greater chance to succeed.  We all know how difficult it is to make it as a blogger.  By teaming up with other bloggers you will be increasing your chance to succeed.  I think co-blogging is great for newer bloggers who want to gain exposure as well as established bloggers that may want to lighten the work load on their blog or that want to start a new blog project/

I am sure there are dozens of additional reasons, but I think this is a good start to begin the conversation..

Does C0-Blogging sound like a good idea to you?

If you are nodding your head in agreement then listen up because I have a proposition to make.

I am starting my own collaborative blog over at BlogFluence.com . I am not sure how many bloggers will ultimately take part in the project but my vision is to have at least 5 so as to spread the work around a bit so we can all focus on our main blogs.  In the coming days, I will be posting additional information about the BlogFluence project, so stay tuned.  If you have an interest is discussing this further, please drop me an email at tycoonblogger at gmail dot com.

What do you think about the concept of co-blogging?  Good idea? or prefer to blog alone?

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