Content or SEO – What is more important?

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It is often said that “Content is King.” What this means is that no matter what, the best content in today’s Internet will reach the top, regardless of marketing efforts. While we all know this is a bit ofan exaggeration, it is still important to realize that without good content, SEO is worthless – you’ll drive initial hits, but you’ll never convert anybody to readers. How SEO and content go hand in hand is a process that is deceptively difficult, but they must go hand in hand. Without content, your site is useless. Without SEO, your site is unread. The relationship must be made – but how?

Consider how Google and other search engines are designed to find you. Not how it actually finds you, but how it’s designed to. Google crawls through the web looking for links to content from other content, ranking it as “important” along the way. The algorithm has developed whereby that’s not the only way it finds content, but that’s still an important way. You can spend ages building backlinks, but it’s much simpler, but less likely, that you’ll write a killer post another blogger links to in his content, and I believe Google can recognize that link as better and rank you higher. Built backlinks are great, but are no match for these.

Content or SEO – What is more important

As I alluded to in the first paragraph, SEO without content drives initial hits but doesn’t convert them to returning visitors or readers. Readers are the currency of bloggers – they come back to your blog for each post, and read your content almost religiously. These are guaranteed future hits, and not just the initial hits your drive from SEO. This is what I mean by hand in hand – you get them to come with SEO, and you keep them coming back with good content. Good content is more valuable, because you could abandon SEO after a good long while and still have a ton of visits coming from readers, whereas readers abandon you if your content lacks.

Finally, SEO only concentrates on one portion of incoming visits – the Almighty Google. I’m not saying that Google hits are bad, and shouldn’t be pursued, but this is a classic case of putting one’s eggs into only one basket. If your content is good, people will link to it. These links get followed, and are more likely to be converted to readers. If bloggers embrace good content, Google could disappear and they would still get hits from these content links.

Keep at your SEO strategies, but keep in mind that good content is indeed king – it leads to better links, more readers, and allows you to diversify your marketing strategies. It seems too simplistic, but it indeed can accomplish these things, when placed along a good SEO strategy.

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