Are you a great blogger? The importance of self confidence in blogging

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I have been asking myself lately, “am I a good blogger?” or “can I become a great blogger?”  I am sure many of you have been asking yourself the same questions.

importance of self confidence in blogging

Sure, I aspire to be the best blogger that I can be, but actually being “great” is not on the top of my wish list.  I do not think that I will be the next ProBlogger or ShoeMoney (even though I think a lot of the A-list bloggers are just a notch above avergae, but, I will save that for another post).

I just want to be me and be the best I can be.  I have been told by many that I am on my way to becoming a great blogger, but even if people told me that I sucked, I would still continue to blog.  I  blog because I like to write and create content.  I don’t think that I suck at it and I also do not think that I am great.

So I am not great and I do not suck, so what keeps me going.  Two words; Self Confidence.

I have a tremendous amount of self confidence.  I believe in myself and know that if I continue to blog with passion, I will keep getting better.  I know my blogging skills will continue to improve.  I looked back at the first week of posts on this blog and the most recent week and it is night and day.

I know I am getting better at blogging and this propels me forward.  Reading positive comments and knowing that at times I am sharing information that helps other bloggers succeed keeps me going as well.

The point I am trying to make with this post is that blogging greatness comes with time, dedication and passion.  If you are feeling like just an average blogger out there, take comfort in the fact that every time you write a post you are working towards getting better.  Most bloggers fail because they do not receive enough positive reinforcement early on.

In order to make it past the first year of blogging, you need to look inside and have self confidence and the self motivation to keep moving forward regardless of what anyone else thinks.  If you think you could be great and work hard everyday, then you are on your way towards greatness.

How do bloggers become great?  They blog.

You don’t have to great to start blogging? Just blog and the self confidence will follow with every post.

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