Guest Blogging: One Brick To Building A Freelance Writing Business

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Guest Blogging

What does every freelancer writer want? Clients.

How do you get clients? Marketing.

How do you market? Well, I don’t have a one word answer for this.

Book after e-book is dedicated to marketing. Entire blogs are devoted to business development for freelance writers. What I’m going to share with you is a pivotal building brick to a freelance writing career.

It is guest blogging. What is it? You approach bloggers of well-known, well-established, well-followed blogs with an idea or draft of a blog post. This blogger publishes your work on his blog, and what do you receive in return?

Oftentimes, it’s not money. Guest blogging most of the times (not all of the times) will not earn you a cent directly. Indirectly is a different story. And that, my fellow freelancers, is just one reason it is such a priceless practice.

Attentive ears

Think of this. When you guest blog, you are writing for someone who has already done the marketing leg work to provide you with a large audience. This blogger has developed a relationship with his audience, and his audience anticipates the insight he shares.

When your guest blog post shows up on a well-known, well-established, well-followed blog, you reap the reward of attentive listeners. His audience puts stock in what he promotes, and he is promoting you. That means that people will listen to what you have to say.

Make your every word count

Since you can guarantee an audience when you guest blog, you must make every word count. I’m not implying that every single word must be scrutinized. Or should I say examined? Or should I say dissected? That form of writing will not only come off as canned, but you won’t have any fun producing it.

The following most important truths reign:
Be honest.
Write what you know.
Aim to help people.

That’s what I’m doing. I’m telling you what has worked for me. Yes, there are many paths to the same destination, but I don’t know them all. You, too, should be willing to acknowledge your limitations and then put your personal wisdom in words.

Readers are drawn to a sincere voice. And, you cannot falsify authenticity. Thus make it your routine to be yourself, and people will follow.

A growing network

I recently made homemade bread for the first time in my life. The yeast made the bread dough double in size. I knew this was supposed to happen, but I was amazed to see the transformation.
Your yeast is guest posting. Your network will grow, possibly double in size, and if you’re like me, you will be amazed with its tremendous growth.

With a wide, eager audience at a well-known, well-established, well-followed blog, you also have the potential for those readers to become valuable connections. People will comment on your posts and tweet about what you write. But it’s your responsibility to respond to them and build a business relationship.

Personally, I respond to every person’s comment and tweet from my guest posts. I want to engage them in a conversation and see where it leads. If you have in your mind that you’re trying to make a sale, then your relationships will quickly fizzle. People can smell out sales copy like basset hounds.

Instead, treat people like people. Show an interest in what they do, and just talk to them. Be respectful to your audience, even when they leave snide remarks. Believe me, other readers will note and admire your polite rebuttals.

Sharpened skills

You probably already consider yourself a decent writer or else you wouldn’t be trying to make an income from it. As you guest blog and establish your own voice, you will sharpen your writing skills. The better you write, the more likely clients will want to hire you.

Don’t hesitate to go to the blog’s owner and ask for suggestions on how to improve your writing skills. Don’t be offended if you get unsolicited advice. And, don’t hinge on everyone’s suggestions. Put what makes sense to work.

Use this brick

Just because you won’t get paid to guest blog doesn’t make it useless. Do you get paid to send Twitter updates of your blog? Do you get paid to respond to wanted ads? Do you get paid to network on LinkedIn? No, no and no. It’s all marketing, part of running your own business.

So kick your writing career up a notch. Get people talking about what you do. Continue building your freelancing business with guest blogging, one brick to a bigger and better business.

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