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Last night I took the night off from posting blog promotion tips and spent a couple of hours performing some much need blog maintenance.  Maintaining your blog is hard work and should be done regularly to ensure your blog is running at peak performance.  My blog is coming up on one year and I have performed some tasks for the first time that should have been done a long time ago.  I am happy that these tasks are accomplished and I am confident that it well dramatically improve my blog.

improve your blog

If you are curious, here are the 7 tasks that I completed last night to improve my blog.

Blog Maintenance

  1. Fix Broken Links – Believe it or not, this was the first time I installed a broken link checker plugin and fix my broken links.  I had 76 broken links in total from a variety of source.  They are all fixed at this point and I am hoping Google will show me some love for cleaning this up.  In the future, I will checking broken links on a weekly basis.  I know how frustrating it is when I click on a dead link and I feel bad that I neglected this for so long.
  2. Update Posts – As I was fixing the broken links, I also took the time to update many of my older posts.  My blog posts in the first few months were pretty crappy and I added a lot of new content.
  3. Change Titles– My skills as a blogger have improved over the last year and I leveraged my knowledge and changed many of the post titles of my early posts to make them more search engine friendly.
  4. Interlink– As I was updating my posts, I took the initiate to interlink my posts to each other.  This should help my seo and will help my readers get to similar content while staying on my blog longer.
  5. Fix typos– I was surprised at how many typos I found while looking through my old posts.  This may seem minor but if you are looking to elevate to pro blogger status proper grammar goes a long way.
  6. Delete spammy comments – My standards of approving comments has increased as my blogging popularity has increased.  I no longer approve comments like “nice post dude.”  If I came across comments like that or that were way off topic and clearly spam, I deleted them.
  7. Deleted some Plugins – Last week I wrote a post called Recent Plugins I installed and I mentioned that I am running 32 active plugins.  I went through them all and decided to drop a few that were not adding much value.  For example, I dropped the Wibiya toolbar, it was slowing my blog down and I determined that it was doing more harm than good.

I think my blog will benefit greatly from these 7 easy steps.

How often do you guys go through these blog maintenance steps.  What else do you do to update and maintain your blog?

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