InkThemes Review: Business WordPress Themes

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So, you have gone to a new level of blogging by choosing WordPress, but did you use all resources provided by WP? Which Resources I am talking about?

Hey, I am talking about, Extraordinary, Beautiful Looking Blog design, I mean, did you use a High-class WordPress theme or still using those ugly Freebies available Online. If you are using freebie’s, then your blog might be missing a lot of important things like a Business style look, an SEO friendly environment, and a fast-loading design.

All these 3 things play an important role in making your blog a success. So, you should be focusing on these things equally. Now, The Question, How you can find a perfect solution to these 3 problems, or I can say factors that can make or break your blog?

The Answer is, by choosing a High-Class Business Theme and the place to get High-Class WordPress themes is InkThemes Marketplace where you can find many quality designs. Wanna know more about this marketplace? Read below given InkThemes Review and find a perfect design for your blog.

What is InkThemes?

Inkthemes is a WordPress themes and Plugins marketplace owned by Neeraj and Punkaj Agarwal. They started this company 3 years ago, with a big goal in mind, which is to provide high-quality themes to WP users. Over this period of time, they build a huge trust of customers and that’s why there are 20000+ happy customers using InkThemes.

There are many reasons behind their success, one of them is they provide themes at very affordable rates, and also a free trial is available for their customers which I have seen anywhere else. And also, the quality they have in their themes and plugins will be rarely seen in any other marketplace + the support they provide is awesome.


So, these reasons are enough to select InkThemes as your preferred theme marketplace, but if you still want more about this company, then check out all below-given features which will surely amaze you.

InkThemes Review: Features Overview

#1 Easy Installation

Their themes enable you to build your WordPress site easily and quickly with a One-click installation. You will never get any problem while installing InkThemes designs.

#2 Professional Designs

They have 46+ professional designs which can suit any type of website, including small or big business. Once you have installed any of those 46+ designs, your blog will look highly decorative.

#3 SEO optimized

If you are looking to get a higher rank in the search engine, but don’t wanna solve each of the SEO issues manually because it can take so much time, and still, there is no guarantee it will work. But InkThemes themes are highly SEO optimized which can automatically solve your blog’s all SEO issues. So, as a result, your search rankings improve.

#4 Highly Responsive Designs

A mobile-friendly theme is must for every blog these days with a huge increase in mobile users. But finding a fully responsive design is very difficult because every design lacks somethings, but with InkThemes you will get, a large number of responsive themes that can quickly adapt to all screen sizes without affecting the speed of the blog.

#5 Easy Customizations

Their themes have many advanced features, but still the easiest themes to customize with a User-friendly editing section and many other options. They created their designs in a very simple way, so you can customize it according to your need.

So, these are some awesome features of this InkThemes. Now, Let’s take a close look at Popular designs provided by this company.

InkThemes Review: Popular Themes

  1. Colorway
  2. StartPoint
  3. Infoway
  4. Black Riders
  5. Business Grow

These are some Popular designs of this company, but for those who like to choose unique ones, there are 41+ more themes available, so you can choose your favorite one, no matter what type of website you have.

So, What you are waiting for?

 Buy a Single Theme | Buy Full Membership | Sign Up for a Free Trial

Hurry Up! Buy themes now at a low price.

And also, don’t forget to Spread your thoughts about this InkThemes Review in the comment section.

Comments (3)

  • Purchased FireShop Pro. Installed OK, but:

    1) the backend is configured in very unusual and hard to use ways; lots of customization.
    2) many config options have default strings output if you don’t enter your own data; impossible to turn off without code hacks.
    3) layout positions are fixed not dynamic.
    4) the support forum doesn’t even have a thread for the theme – unsupported!
    5) something was messed up with the admin login/logout process that caused a WSOD; only fix was to change to default theme via the database.
    6) 2+ weeks of email promises from support with no resolution.
    7) paid more for this theme than ever before, with the worst results ever.

    I wasted far too much time on this, and my client is pissed off. I rebuilt the site in one day with another theme and asked for a refund. They said no.

  • These themes are very very low quality and better ones are fund for free on the wordpress directory

    they are a simple affiliate , they do have some themes but they are of such low quality that there way better alternatives out there .,
    and they are expensive , understand that charging $60 a theme does not make it worth $60. the good products they have on their sites actually belong to other providers and they just take the affiliate fee.

    the promotions deals they offer are misleading as you assume this is for what is offered on the website , but this is not the cased you actually have to do intensive research as to what is included and even after this and you paid for something it is not clear what you are getting for your money.

    in short i got scammed , my advice stay away . there are really good services out there this is not one of them. there is nothing on their site worth more then $5. stay away

  • InkThemes used to be good.
    As a prior subscriber, I recently renewed my subscription only to find that they no long offer ALL products but their system allowed my purchase to renew went through.

    I am now disputing it with paypal because they are not refunding my money.

    Bait and switch…beware.


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