Make Money Online With Highly Competitive Keywords

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A lot of bloggers would tell you that you should compete in the search engine with keywords that do not get searched much. They tell you to avoid key phrases such as Make Money Online because they say that you will never make it to the first page of the search engine. Think of it this way – if you compete for keywords that have little to no search volume, you get little results. If you take the time and effort to compete for big key phrases like Make Money Online, you get big results when you rank high in the search engine. If you spend all your time trying to compete for little phrases that nobody really search for, you are working harder, not smarter.

Make Money Online

Even if you are not a popular blogger, you can still make money online by ranking well in the search engine. Before you get into the competition, you need to keep this in mind: You need to have a long-term strategy that will most likely take you over a year or two to succeed. Notice I said a year or two because most people give up before that. Most people will say, “This doesn’t work,” so they give up.

It is impossible to rank well with competitive key phrases if you don’t have a link building strategy. Many people think that you simply comment on “dofollow” blogs, and you will magically rank high in the search engine. Most “dofollow” blogs are useless to get a good backlink to your blog. They need to be relevant.

Let me clear up what it means to be relevant. For example, I want to write a comment on a Make Money Online “dofollow” blog, but that blog has a title tag “How To Earn Cash On The Internet”, and the entire article does not mention the word “make”, “money”, and “online”, then that blog has zero relevance to my blog because the anchor text link that I want is Make Money Online. The search engine does not know that they have similar meanings. The title tag to this post that you are reading has the words “make money online” in it, and the phrase is written throughout the entire article. The anchor text link pointing to my blog also has the same phrase, which also matches the title of my blog. The relevance is 100% and it carries a lot of weight. The search engine determines how important the link is based on relevancy.

No matter how perfect your link building strategy is, this will take a lot of time and patience. Do not give up because most of your competitors have already surrendered!

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