Blogging Stress
If you are a blogger I am sure you have experienced this at times. The need to create fresh and interesting content on a daily basis can cause a lot of stress. Remember, blogging is supposed to be fun, if you are not having fun anymore stop doing it. Personally, I do not experience blogging… (0 comment)

What Bloggers Need to Know About SEO?
Running a blog with little no readers at all? Perhaps it’s time for some search engines optimization works. Listed below are some of the basic do and don’t when it comes to optimizing your blogs for search engines. 10 Instant Tips to Improve Your Blogs SEO Score #1. Do your homework – do keyword research… (0 comment)

Facebook Marketing – Best Practices
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind when I say that Facebook is a tremendous social networking website that has surpassed every other online networking website. It is by far the most popular website on the planet. The huge number of users that login in daily on facebook tempts many more marketers to use… (0 comment)

5 Killer Blog Post Ideas for Small Businesses
I have written several blog post idea posts over the past year and these posts were all slanted towards bloggers.  I thought it would be useful to expand the focus and include blog post ideas specifically for small businesses. I hear from many small business owners that they just do not have the time to… (0 comment)

12 Traits of Highly Successful Bloggers
Sometimes, I wonder what specific trait highly successful bloggers possess that other bloggers don’t? How was Dan Keller able to build Tycoon Blogger to this level from scratch within a short time frame? What’s the difference between bloggers that command thousands of followers and those that struggle in mediocrity? Seeking answers to these three questions led… (0 comment)