Dramatically improve your blog in one night
Last night I took the night off from posting blog promotion tips and spent a couple of hours performing some much need blog maintenance.  Maintaining your blog is hard work and should be done regularly to ensure your blog is running at peak performance.  My blog is coming up on one year and I have… (0 comment)

What makes someone an expert at blogging?
I am hoping you can all help me out with this in the comment section because I really have no answer to this and would love to hear your thoughts. I have been thinking about this all night and it is based on this “snarky” comment I received on my last post which was about… (0 comment)

What is Co-Blogging? and 7 reasons why it might be a good idea
Co-Blogging, also know as collaborative blogging, is a type of blog where there are more than one author that contributes content.  Typically these blogs are centered around a common theme like social media, blogging tips, or technology.  The set up around the blog can happen in many ways.  In most cases the blog is owned… (0 comment)

Blog Goal Setting – Be SMART
Every week over at my favorite blog community, Blog Engage, they run a feature called word of the week (I think that is what it’s called).  Last time that I participated, I wrote a an article about how to promote your blog and the response was very positive.  This week the word is “Blogging Goals”… (0 comment)

How to choose web hosting for your blog
In my opinion (please leave a comment if you disagree) if you want to become a serious blogger and be taken serious as a blogger you need to have your own hosting.  I think you would be hard pressed to name over 3 well known bloggers that are using a blogspot free hosted platform. When… (0 comment)