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Hi, My name is Dan and I am an addict, a stats addict that is. I am sure I am not the only blogger who obsesses over their blog stats but for me lately it has been out of control. Just this morning I was cursing Alexa because the site was not displaying stats properly. I got so worked up, it literally ruined my entire morning. I only felt better when the site went back online and I was able to check out my numbers. I have been trending around 50,000 for my Alexa rank, and that made me happy.

Promote your blog

That is when I noticed that something is terribly wrong with me if my emotions are tied to my blog stats. As if I need more proof that I have a problem, the first thing I do when I wake up is check my adsense and analytics. I do this before I even start making the coffee. I will then start typing in key phrases and keywords in Google and see where I rank for them. I have decided that I want to address this problem and spend more time focusing on writing content and promoting my blog.

I have discovered that I am spending about an hour per day going over my stats and I have decided that I will use that time in a more productive way. I jotted down some goals and here is my list of the 10 things I will do instead of checking my stats.

Join a new forum

I am active on Digital Point and Bloggeries and some others to a lesser degree. I will seek out a new community to become involved with. One that allows do follow signature links of course J

Comment more

I try to visit and comment on 10-12 blogs per day. I will attempt to bump that up to 15 per day.

Interact more on Twitter

Lately, I have been using Twitter only to broadcast new posts. I have not had enough time to fully engage with my followers.

Build and strengthen relationships with other bloggers

I have met some great bloggers over the years and will take some action to rekindle or strengthen those relationships.

Find and submit to additional blog directories

I have submitted to many, but I know that there are dozens if not hundreds of other blog directories out there.

Write one article per day and submit to Ezinearticles

My article marketing goes in patterns. Some months I will go crazy and other times I will submit none at all. With this strategy, I will be in great shape with 60 solid anchor text based links per month as well as some additional traffic.

Write more on my other blogs

I have sold most of my blogs, but I still have a couple in my stable. I update them 2 times a week but they would certainly benefit from an additional post per week.

Get involved in a social bookmarking site

I am registered at all the bookmarking sites and always submit to Digg but I have never really dived in an participated in the site. I am thinking I will go with Mixx or Propeller as I think it will be easier to make an impact at a midsized site. I will also look into small sites like BlogEngage.com and SoLinkable.

Solicit advertisers

I am looking to make money from this blog and I need to be more proactive in regards to finding advertisers. I will devote a chunk of time to this each week. Any amount of time will be more than I am doing now.

Start a new blog?

This is a big question mark, as we all know how hard it is to get anew blog of the ground.

Are you a blog stats addict?

Will you join me & refrain from checking your stats for 1 month & instead promote your blog?

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