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Do you ever thought that…

… Why Internet marketers and bloggers love premium SEO tools?

If you have ever used any premium SEO tool then you may definitely know how much best It is to use. SEO tools help us to improve our website SEO quickly.

Whether It is keyword rank checking or spying on your competitors, You can find the best SEO tools for everything.

Nowadays It is very much hard to keep track of all the things manually. We can never track all the things manually that’s why premium SEO tools are helpful for us.

Premium SEO tools like SEO Powersuite saves our lots of time and do what we want within minutes.

Isn’t it cool?

These tools are saving our time and efforts and giving better results to improve our business.

As of today, Whenever someone asks me for the best SEO software then I always recommend using SEO Powersuite.

Because I know what SEO Powersuite is and how It can save my time and efforts. I am using it for last 2 months and I just loved all its features.

2 months before, When I was looking for a tool which can help me in my new project then I headed over to Link-Assistant.com, a website which is offering widely used SEO tools to improve the business of SEO.

At that time, I could either buy all tools individually by paying $299.75 for each or invest $699 in SEO Powersuite to save $500.

I bought complete SEO Powersuite package.

As I have been using it for 2 months so, In this SEO Powersuite review, I’ll explain you each and everything about this tool so that It can help you to take the right decision right now. 😀

What You Will Get with SEO Powersuite Package?

#1. Rank Tracker

#2. WebSite Auditor

#3. SEO SpyGlass

#4. Link Assistant

SEO PowerSuite 2020 Discount – Save 60% Now

Activate SEO Powersuite Discount

I know, you are waiting eagerly to find SEO Powersuite Discount Coupon so that It can help you to save your money when you will make a purchase of SEO Powersuite package.

SEO Powersuite is a complete SEO solution which includes 4 SEO tools as listed above.

If you will buy all these tools individually, It will cost you $299.75 for each.

It means $299.75 x 4 = $1199.

You can save $500 on all these tools If you will buy SEO Powersuite using our discount link below.

It has 2 plans which will cost you :

#1. SEO PowerSuite Professional – $299

#2. SEO PowerSuite Enterprise – $699

What You Will Get With Your Licence?

  • Professional support from their Customer Service – SEO Powersuite team will allow you to take support and ask any SEO related you have any time 24 x 7.
  • Unlimited access to our training materials base – Complete access to their online manuals, help videos and all kinds of SEO related tutorials.
  • Free Feature Evolution updates for life – They are improving and updating SEO Powersuite on regular basis after getting the suggestion from their users. So You will get all the upcoming updated features absolutely FREE for you forever.
  • Free 6 months of Search algorithm updates – They monitor search engines closely and whenever search algorithm changes, they make sure you get most current and accurate data.
  • Exclusive access to User Perks program – All SEO Powersuite licensed users will get access to a few other premium products worth $500.
    #1. AWAR.IO
    #2. Tuts+
    #3. Lander
    #4. GetResponse
    #5. Grasshopper
    #6. Mouseflow & 15 other tools also.

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SEO Powersuite Review

#1. Rank Tracker


Rank tracking is the most common task for internet marketers and bloggers. Right?

If you are working to rank your article or your micro niche sites then It is must for you to check your keyword ranking on a regular basis.

I have been working on various micro niche sites so I always want to know the progress of each site. Checking rank of all the micro niche sites manually isn’t an easy task.

We can’t check rankings manually daily.

So in this situation, Rank Tracker is my favorite tool because It helps me to check rankings for various keywords in different countries.

Rank Tracker Features:

  • It will check your search engine rankings automatically.
  • Show if your site moved up or down in search results.
  • It collects ranking data from 593 different search engines.
  • Help you find profitable keywords
  • 100% search engine friendly.
  • Fast & Easy to use.
  • Tracks ranking on auto-pilot.
  • It will show your site’s progress graph.
  • You can also check keyword difficulty with it.

Now lets see how it works. 😀

Step -1: First of all, Create new rank monitoring project and enter the site URL to check rankings.


Step -2: Now you can connect your Google AdWords and Google analytics account with it If you want. If you don’t, then simply skip it by press the next button.


Step -3: Place your targeted keywords.


Step -4: Now choose your preferred search engine where you want to track ranks.


After following all these above steps, It will start tracking your keyword ranks as you can see in the below screenshots.


In this way, It will help you to track rankings of your site.

It will be the most helpful SEO tool for you. 😀

#2. WebSite Auditor


It is the most important tool which almost every SEO agency needs.

If you run an SEO agency then you might have needed to audit your client’s website on a regular basis. Right?

It will be the right tool for you because It will perform a complete SEO audit for the given URL.

It will scan your complete website SEO like On Page SEO factors, indexing and crawling errors, redirects, encoding, and technical factors, issues with URLs, content issue and many other important factors.

Website Auditor Features:

  • Indexing and crawlability errors
  • Redirects
  • Encoding and technical factors
  • Issues with URLs
  • Links
  • Broken links
  • Duplication titles
  • Meta description errors
  • Content issues
  • Build XML Sitemap and robots.txt file for your site
  • Optimize content for your keywords
  • Social media and traffic stats

& much more.

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#3. SEO SpyGlass


Do you ever wonder?

… that why spying on your competitors are the best way to improve your site’s ranking?

If you are spying on your competitors then you may definitely know how much important it is. It helps us to know what our competitors are doing to improve their rankings in SERPs.

Sometimes Spying on competitors site becomes very much hard and headache because It needs lots of manual work and efforts.

But there are also so many SEO tools or services which can be used to this work easily.

Till now, I didn’t found any other spying tool better than SEO SpyGlass.

SEO SpyGlass is really a great tool which will help you to spy on your competitor’s website.

Spying is the best way to learn new things and techniques which we didn’t know before.

SEO SpyGlass Features:

  • It helps to find thousands of links pointing to any site.
  • Import and analyze links from any other source.
  • Run Anti-Penalty link audit.
  • Compare backlinks of several websites.
  • Build professional backlink audit reports

Now let see how it works. 😀

Step-1: Enter below a keyword for which you wants to rank well.


After doing this, When you will click on the ” Next “ button then It will ask you to enter the Google analytics details to complete the task.

When It will start scanning, It will look like this.


When the scanning process will get finished then It will ask you to select ranking factors so just click yes and select the factors as shown in below screenshots.


After this, It will start doing a deep scan to find all links pointing to the site and other factors. When the report will get completed then It will show you details like below:

  • Total backlinks pointing to URL
  • Complete Backlink Details
  • Link penalty risks
  • Backlinks from the homepage, blogs, forums, directories, etc.
  • Traffic coming through backlinks

SEO SpyGlass is the best SEO tool to spy on your competitors and get their secrets out. You should give it a try. 😀

#4. Link Assistant


When I was using this tool for the first time, I was just amazed at the features of this tool. I had just one word for this tool i.e. AWESOME. 😀

I never found such a brilliant tool which is providing so many benefits.

It has so many great features which will make your link building so easy. It will save you lots of time and energy.

If you are going to use email outreach for your link building then It will save you lots of time by finding contact emails for you.

You don’t need to find contact emails manually, this tool will do all the work automatically for you. 😀

Let see how it works:

Step-1: Enter your website URL.


Now It will start fetching all the data which will be used in the project.


Step-2: Now click on search button.


Step-3: Select the appropriate search method to fetch the results.


Step-4: Now enter your keywords and It will start fetching.


Now It will take some time and will fetch sites in the same niche along with their email addresses which you will use to send them pre-designed email outreach.


Now the best thing about this tool is.

Link Assistant has provided inbuilt browser and It also allows you to send email through this tool. 😀

Isn’t it great? 😀

You can easily send pre-made email templates to any of the emails you get after fetching and ask for links to your own site through the email outreach.

It is really a great tool for your link building campaign and will give you better results.

So don’t miss the tool and manage your link building campaigns in a professional way. 😀

Activate SEO Powersuite Discount

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you still have any doubt about SEO Powersuite.

Then I assures you that you aren’t going to waste your money.

SEO Powersuite is really a brilliant tool and Its team is very much confident about their software and that’s why they are giving 30 days money back guarantee.

After getting this money back guarantee, I don’t think that you should worry anymore about your money. You will enjoy a lot with this software.

If anyhow, It doesn’t satisfy you and you found it useless for you then you can ask for your money back within 30 days of the product purchase.

I hope you would take the right decision.

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