SiteGround Review – Affordable Web Hosting

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Do you ever wonder?

Why expert internet marketers and bloggers do care about their web hosting?

Because they really feel that their web hosting is the only backbone of their online business.

If they wouldn’t care about their web hosting then their online business may face up and downs.

To care for their web hosting, they even spend lots of money on it. But there are still so many web hosts that can provide Cheap Web hosting.

Yes, you heard it right.

Cheap Web Hosting Companies still do exist with having a superior web hosting quality.

Here I am talking about “SiteGround” and they are providing reliable + cheap web hosting to their customers.

Excepting those expert internet marketers and bloggers who are earning a lot, everyone can’t afford expensive web hosting services.

There are a lot of bloggers like me who always look for a cheap and affordable web host and SiteGround is the one that fulfills our needs.

Why You Should Purchase SiteGround Web Hosting (Honest Review)?

I know that you must want to purchase cheap web hosting.

But you might also think that why you should choose SiteGround hosting. Right?

Well, this is the first and foremost question of almost all the customers when they go to purchase any product. Doesn’t matter whether It is a hosting plan or any other product.

Everybody wants a reason to purchase that product.

So here I wouldn’t give you a single reason to purchase SiteGround web hosting. Instead, I have so many reasons to purchase such a best, reliable and cheap web hosting.

So let me explain to you all the things properly.

SiteGround Hosting Features

  1. FREE Website Transfer
  2. FREE App Installs
  3. FREE Email Accounts
  4. Unlimited Traffic
  5. Unlimited MySQL Database
  6. 99.9% Uptime
  7. 24/7 Support
  8. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  9. FREE Daily BackUp
  10. FREE CloudFlare CDN
  11. cPanel & SSH

Brief Review of SiteGround

Let’s take a look at all the points that makes SiteGround as one of the reliable web hosts in the world.

Cheap & Affordable Web Hosting

As we all know that without having web hosting, we can’t run our online business smoothly.

Every blogger and internet marketer want their website to be hosted at a reliable and affordable web host.

We can run our website on FREE platforms like BlogSpot but there we can’t get flexibility and awesome features which we can get in self-hosted blog by using Platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

To use WordPress features, we must have to purchase web hosting.

But there are so many newbies who can’t afford expensive web hosting.

In this situation, SiteGround web hosting would be perfect for those newbies who want to earn their living through their online business.

SiteGround web hosting is very much cheap and reliable starts at just $3.95/mo.

I can remember those days when I started my blogging journey.

At initial days, I didn’t know about BlogSpot or any other FREE platform. I started my 1st blog on SiteGround web hosting because It was easily affordable for me.

FREE Website Migration

Always experience issues with website migration?

It means you don’t have enough knowledge for migrating website.

Well, It is very much common problem for most of the bloggers who started their online journey recently. So you shouldn’t worry anymore about it.

Yes, If you are planning to purchase a new web hosting or planning to change your web host then I would recommend you to go with SiteGround.

They will provide you best and affordable web hosting with a FREE website migration service.

I know you are very much new for it so you haven’t need to take any headache of website migration.

SiteGround team will take care of all such things and will migrate your website completely from the old web host to the new one.

Easy to Setup

This is the best thing which I really like about SiteGround.

If you have some experience and knowledge in blogging field then I am sure that you wouldn’t have to face any headache.

When You have signed up for SiteGround hosting then you will get a cpanel from where you can easily set up your website.

Using the add-on domain feature is easy, creating FTP accounts is simple, you can simply manage your files in the file manager.

You can easily install below content management systems with just 1 click using auto-installers.

#1. WordPress
#2. Joomla
#3. Magento
#4. CSCart
#5. PrestaShop
#6. phpBB3

By using the above CMS, you can easily build any website whether It is a blog or an E-commerce.

So, overall it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want to, with your website, as you may be having different plans for your online career, you might be looking to create a simple blog or a forum to help users online.

Or even a big or small store which could have products with affiliate links or you can sell your own products.

Overall you would be able to perform all the actions, create all type of websites & blogs from the SiteGround Cpanel with ease.

In case you are not sure about SiteGround, you can choose other web hosting like Hostgator during black friday sale here or from LoudestDeals.

Customer Support Which You Will Love

You wouldn’t find a single person in the whole world who will say that,

I never took a single help from anyone in my life.

Everybody needs help, everybody faces problems and wants someone to help them to solve their problems.

Doesn’t matter how much expert that person is, doesn’t matter how old are that person is.

Everybody want help and support from such people who can give a guarantee to solve their problems.

If you purchase hosting from SiteGround then the SiteGround support team will always stand behind you to support you, to solve your problems guaranteed

I am using SiteGround hosting since last 3 years and I know how much contribution SiteGround support team given in my blogging journey.

Whenever I had any technical issue with my site which I can’t solve. I just contact SiteGround support team using phone support and they solve all the issues quickly.

You can contact them through live chat, phone support or ticket system and they would never let you feel alone.

What Makes SiteGround Hosting Superior

Now you just want to know that How much superior and qualitative SiteGround hosting is?

Because Web hosting is the only thing which will handle your whole website.

Your whole business depends on it. Right?

You would never want your business to get down because of your web host.

So web hosting quality does matter a lot.

And here I’ll explain to you what makes SiteGround hosting superior.

Security & Speed

SiteGround is very much concerned about their customer satisfaction.

As you know that the Internet world is full of lots of spammers and hackers so It is very must to keep your website secured.

SiteGround has worked so hard to improve the security and speed of your websites.

Your website will be totally secured on SiteGround servers and will run fast.

Below videos will explain to you the whole thing about security and speed.

SiteGround Security

Have you watched the video?

Yes, you get the security crafted by SiteGround, it will be server level security and there are rare chances that your website will get compromised.

Because as you have seen in the video (if not seen, then read this carefully), if your site is one shared hosting server, then there are chances that your site can get compromised when some other site has a loophole, which let hackers get in.

This can make you suffer for some other people’s mistake, but with SiteGround shared server, you are totally safe, as they have isolated each site on their shared servers form each other so that if one site gets hacked, all the other sites on the same server does not get compromised.

This feature was very difficult to be implemented, but SiteGround has implemented this to make sure, the security of their servers is high.

Also, other major issues which can arise, like WordPress (which is one of the most used CMS) Loophole or Apache (web server application) Loophole can let you in dare states, as there are chances that some bad people can get into your site.

And most web hosts don’t give support or they do not fix any bugs in WordPress or Apache, as these are third-party software, so this gives hackers a lot of time to get into your site.

But with SiteGround, you will be totally safe, as they fix all the bugs on their own if there is no update from the third party software’s, which means if there is any bug with your version of WordPress, then SiteGround will try their best to resolve the issue on their own.

They will try to stitch all the loopholes as soon as possible to help you stay secure on their shared servers, which makes SiteGround one of the most secure hosting company.

SiteGround Speed

Watched the video?

It not, then read the text to know everything about, Why SiteGround servers are so fast?.

SiteGround craft speed on their own, they do not leave it to hardware’s, they do perform some extraordinary steps to make sure their servers load fast and your website loads quickly.

And for that, firstly they keep updating their hardware because they know that to be really fast, hardware need to be really good. So, they regularly update their equipment’s with top-notch machines.

Additionally, they configure software, to get the maximum out of them, as custom configuration can make servers really fast.

But, what makes us a fan of SiteGround is the availability of servers around the world, because we all know that to be fast, our site needs to be close to our visitors, so that’s why they have their servers available around the world.

For example, If your majority visitor base if from the US, then you need to have your site hosted on US server to make it load fast and similarly, for Indian visitor base, the server need to be as close as it can be.

For more speed, SiteGround also has Content Delivery Network (CDN) which can further help you make your site fast.

CDN ensures that your visitors have super-fast access to your site, doesn’t matter from where they are accessing.

For EXAMPLE, You have created a site for Indian visitors, but an Indian user living in Sydney access your site, then CDN will deliver your content from the closes virtual server to ensure your site loads fast when that user access.

99.9% Uptime

Well, this is one of the tops most important thing which all the webmasters need.

Everybody wants their website to be UP all the time. If the website is UP It means It is running smoothly and providing a better experience to their visitors.

But If the website will be facing any downtime then that might result in losing lots of loyal customers, lots of sales and trust too.

SiteGround guarantees 99.9% Uptime and they wouldn’t let your website go down.

Let me show you, how do they minimize downtime.

Actually, They have created a unique downtime prevention software that not only monitors each server’s status in real-time but also resolves more than 90% of server performance issues instantly with zero human interaction.


This will be a big reason for keeping your website always updated. 😀

Over 500 Customers Love SiteGround Hosting

Do you know?

Customer satisfaction is the 1st priority of SiteGround.

They always try to make their customers happy.

Just because of their amazing services and hosting, there are over 500 customers who had rated SiteGround 4.98/5.00.

They have lots of happy customers sharing their experiences at SiteGround. You can check all the SiteGround Reviews here by their genuine customers. 😀

Hazards of Choosing Wrong Web Host

Did you ever imagine?

That what could happen with your online business, If you choose the wrong web host either by your choice or by mistake.

There could be so many negative results you could face in that situation. Hosting your successful website at the wrong web host may result in lots of issues. Your website may lose your readers trust when It will stop opening suddenly If the servers don’t support your site correctly.

Let me share a real experience of one of my friend who had a magazine website ( Viral Content Website ).

My friend was running that website for so many years and suddenly a time came, when his site started getting hell a lot of traffic and just because of that high traffic, servers of his web hosting providers stopped responding suddenly and because of that, my friend lost so many trusted users and he urgently needed to migrate his website to another web host.

Now again, while migrating the site, he started facing issues while taking the complete backup of his website. There is hell a lot of content published on his site and It was near to impossible to download the complete backup.

Somehow, he was facing problems while taking backup. But later, he contacted his new hosting support team and then they helped him in migrating his website.

These all are the main reasons, you just need to choose the right web host now, If you will not choose the right one now then you may definitely face issues later when your site will start growing.

So I hope you would take the right decision and will give SiteGround a try.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

I have given you so much information about SiteGround.

If still you are confused about,

whether to choose SiteGround or not?

Then I would again say that,

You should go only with SiteGround. You wouldn’t face any issue because you will be safe.

SiteGround is giving 30 Days money back guaranteed which will be a complete live safer If you find SiteGround hosting a waste.

Yes, after purchasing SiteGround web hosting, If you feel that SiteGround hosting isn’t meeting with your needs and you don’t want to host your sites on SiteGround.

Then within 30 days of hosting signup, you are allowed to ask for your money back.

They wouldn’t ask you a single question when you will ask them for your money back.

This guarantee will be a complete money saver for you If you don’t like it.

I don’t think that still there is anything left to know about SiteGround.

I have explained to you almost all the things about them.

Now you have to take a decision wisely whether to grab SiteGround hosting or not.

You would never get such cheap web hosting in just $3.95/mo.

It would be a complete WIN-WIN Deal for you.

Now let me show you, how you can buy SiteGround hosting.

How to Buy SiteGround Hosting?

Step-1: First of all, click on the below-given link.


Step-2: After clicking on the above link, You will land on SiteGround page where you have to select your hosting plan.

Step-3: After selecting a hosting plan, click on the ” Get Started ” button.

Step-4: Now you have to enter your primary domain. If you don’t have any domain, you can also register a domain. After this, click on the ” Proceed ” button.

Step-5: After completing the above steps, You will have to fill Client Information, Password Information, Payment Information, and Purchase Information.

While filling Purchase Information, You are allowed to select your Data Center according to your location as you can see in the below screenshot. 😀


Step-6: After completing all the above steps, click on the ” Pay Now ” button and Enjoy SiteGround hosting.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

  • Shared Hosting starts with $3.95/mo
  • Cloud Hosting starts with $60.00/mo
  • Dedicated Hosting starts with $229.00/mo
  • Reseller Hosting starts with $42.00/yr

Now, after reading the SiteGround review, you have much reason for choosing this hosting and also, you have the chance to save some money by choosing one of the most affordable web hosting. So, it’s time to go for it.

And do not hesitate to comment, if you have any confusion left in your mind.

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  • Hey,

    SiteGround certainly is one of the best web hosts as many my bloggers friends are using SiteGround and they are very happy with their services.

    They call it the number 1 hosting service and that’s why I am also thinking to buy SiteGround hosting but when the discount is available.

    I have heard that SiteGround offers Black Friday Discount, so I am thinking to wait, but the wait might be long as Black Friday will come very late, So I want to ask whether you can provide me at-least 50% of 60% off Coupon Code? or Promo Code, so that i can avail discount and go for SiteGround.

    Looking for quick response.

  • Very well reviewed !

    I can say you all points are valid and perfectly explained as I am using SiteGround hosting from about 8 Months and I am pretty much satisfied with their services, specially the support quality as well as the server speed.

    So, I highly recommend SiteGround to all the newbies as well as all the Pro who want professional Hosting.

    Although i want all of you to wait till the Black Friday or the Cyber Monday as SiteGround Black Friday sale / SiteGround Cyber Monday Sale comes with 60% to 70% Discount, so that is the best time to pruchase their hosting.

  • Hey MyBloggerWorld

    Thanks for providing SiteGround Review. Actually, I am looking to purchase a new web hosting for my network of blogs.

    I was previously using Bluehost for this, but now, i am not satisfied with their service, so that’s why I am looking for new hosting for educational and entertainment sites.

    I have faced tons of downtime with Bluehost, but I hope SiteGround is better, although reading your review, it looks like I am doing the right thing by opting for SiteGround.

    Although now I am worried a bit, about whether I am putting my money on right web hosting or not, but as far as i have read the reviews of SiteGround, it looks like one which can host my blog for years.

    So, I will try it out from next month.

    Again thanks for the in-depth review.

  • Hello,

    I am already the customer of SiteGround, I am using their shared hosting to host my sports blogs. So, I can say you review of good, you have mentioned all their features which make them one of the best web hosting in the world right now with Bluehost and Hostgator going down day by day.

    So, from my side, I always recommend SiteGround to all the customers who are looking to buy a new web host for their websites.

    And do use the coupon codes or I will suggest people to opt for the SiteGround black friday offer, because you will be able to save money, if you can wait for the black friday sale or you can even use the coupon codes, I guess best codes are provided by MyBloggerWorld, if I am not wrong, so you can go for it.

  • SiteGround is by far one of the top web hosts.

    Thanks for sharing the review.

  • I have chosen siteground after going through your information review regarding Siteground. They have just excellent support as well as awesome WordPress hosting features. I would like to know is siteground also effective for Magento hosting. I know they are offering this as well but is there any other for more specialized in Magento hosting or should go for siteground again?


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