12 Traits of Highly Successful Bloggers

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Sometimes, I wonder what specific trait highly successful bloggers possess that other bloggers don’t? How was Dan Keller able to build Tycoon Blogger to this level from scratch within a short time frame? What’s the difference between bloggers that command thousands of followers and those that struggle in mediocrity? Seeking answers to these three questions led me to studying the blogging style of highly successful bloggers such as Darren Rowse, Tim Ferris and Steve Pavlina.

Successful Bloggers

After understudying the blogging style of these highly successful bloggers, i have been able to pinpoint 12 traits that make them successful and exceptional. Without wasting your time, below are the 12 traits of highly successful bloggers:

1. Highly successful bloggers are leaders in the making

I purposely avoided saying that successful bloggers are great leaders; rather, I said they are leaders in the making. My reason for this slight discretion is this; highly successful bloggers were not born leaders, they were made.

I have seen teenage bloggers commanding large communities and subscribers that I sometimes wonder how they do it. But after digging deep, I discovered their secret was simple. These highly successful bloggers knew their calling, they knew they were leaders in the making so they took the pain to prepare and develop their leadership skills. Are you a leader in the making? I think that’s left for you to answer.

2. They are prolific writers

I won’t consider it wrong to say that successful bloggers are in love with their pen and PC. Why? The reason is because they are prolific; churning out articles, podcast and audios day after day. So if you are going to be successful in blogging, then you have to model your blog after the masters and get prolific because bloggers such as Darren Rowse and Steve Pavlina post daily to their blogs. But does being prolific makes a blogger successful? I would love to read your opinion in the comments

3. Highly successful bloggers thrive on criticism

I have never seen a successful person who has escaped been attacked and criticized in the media. The case is even worst for bloggers because the internet has made the world a global village. Criticism can spread like wild fire online and hurt the credibility of the person being criticized.

All bloggers experience both positive and negative criticism in one way or the other especially in their startup stage but successful bloggers usually keep their heads up high in such critical moments. Even in the face of criticism, highly successful bloggers press on because they know that criticism is simply a stepping stone to greatness.

4. They make good use of feed back

Highly successful bloggers are always asking for feed back from their readers and they make good use of such feed back; even when it is unsolicited. They use feed back as a tool to improve themselves and their blog.

5. Highly successful bloggers are good networkers

Another trait of highly successful bloggers is good networking skill. Take a look at the circle of great bloggers and you will observe they network within themselves. They support each other by guest posting, commenting on blogs, forums and linking up their communities on social media. They also strive to maintain a close relationship with their subscribers. Do you want to join the league of highly successful bloggers? Then start networking with other bloggers and readers in your niche.

6. Money is not their primary motivation for blogging

What is your primary motivation for blogging? If your answer is money, then I am sorry because that is the beginning of your failure. Being a successful entrepreneur offline, I can confidently say that making a customer part with his or her money is definitely not easy. You must first offer that customer a product or service with perceived value higher than the money you are requesting from that customer.

The same goes online. Successful bloggers know that the money will never come except they offer something of value to their readers. They also know that money is just a means of keeping score. Primary motivation for blogging varies from blogger to blogger; you can share yours in the comment.

7. Highly successful bloggers are proactive learners

Show me a highly successful blogger and i will show you a proactive learner. The process of building a blog and building a business are almost alike. Building a successful blog is a process and great bloggers know this fact; so they humble themselves and learn something at every given opportunity.

You might find it funny that I still go to blogs owned by teens to learn one or two things because I can’t claim to know it all. Successful bloggers know that no individual can claim monopoly of knowledge so they seek it out.

Things change so fast in the blogosphere; an effective app, blog tool or technique today may become obsolete tomorrow. To stay on course and adapt swiftly to the ever changing blogosphere, you must keep studying and learning.

8. They learn quickly from mistakes

Show me a blogger who hasn’t made a mistake and i will show you an average blogger. Young bloggers look at successful bloggers as infallible but such perception is wrong. To become a highly successful blogger, you must think and act like one and a good way to do that is to change your perception towards making mistakes.

In the course of building my “business development” blog, I made a lot of grievous mistakes and I know I am bound to make more. I want to humbly say that despite the pains associated with making mistakes, I am always happy each time i make one and my reason is this:

“My level of success or the speed at which my blog grows is not dependent on how many mistakes I make but on how fast I learn from such mistakes.”

Never allow yourself to be weighed down by mistakes. Remember, highly successful bloggers make mistakes but they don’t quit.

9. Highly successful bloggers are ambitious

Ambition is one of the traits of highly successful bloggers. Take a peep into the life of successful bloggers and you will observe that they are never satisfied with their current achievement; they believe there is always room for constant improvement and they go for it.

If you are ever going to join the league of highly successful bloggers, then you must be ambitious and aim above mediocrity.

“Ambition is the steam that drives men forward on the road to success. Only the engine that runs at full steam can make the grade.” – Maxi Foreman

10. They are opportunist

Highly successful entrepreneurs share a common ability to see opportunities, where others see problems. They are always the first to try out new innovations and give feed back to their loyal readers. Just take a look at the way successful bloggers utilize social media to their advantage and you will see why i say highly successful bloggers are opportunist. Being opportunistic does not require rocket science, all you need to do is keep your ears to the ground and follow the leaders.

11. They provide valuable information to their readers

Have you ever visited a blog and you instantly became addicted to such blog? If your answer is yes, then you have probably hit the blog of a highly successful blogger. Highly successful bloggers usually provide hard core, hype free information that stirs you to action. If your blog content does not measure up to standard, then it’s time to put more effort into your content creation because content is king.

12. Most importantly, highly successful bloggers stay true to their calling

Still using Darren Rowse, Dan Keller and Steve Pavlina as examples, these men have stayed true to the cause over the years. I hold these men in high esteem because they have been providing hype free information over the years and they are still keeping at it. This shows they are highly successful bloggers who never forgot the mission for which their blog was set up.

In contrast, I feel John Chow and Jeremy Shoemaker have deviated from their initial calling. Their blogs seem to offer nothing but affiliate sponsorships these days. I use to be a fan of ShoeMoney back then but after hanging out on the blog for few months and saw nothing of value coming forth, I left. Same goes with John Chow; I even wrote a review about his blog on mine because some of his past articles bear a lot of information but these days, nothing good is coming forth. Both blogs are simply thriving on past glory and they may soon lose ground to upcoming fire brand blogs.

The lesson from the above illustrations is that no matter the level of your success; always remain true to your calling.

In conclusion, these are the 12 traits of highly successful bloggers.

Are there any other traits you know that is not among the 12 above, please add it in the comment below.

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